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The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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Sixty-five poems about faith, hope, and love.

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How many stones

Have I thrown today;

Or rattled bones

Scattered my way?


Praised then blamed,

The Maker above;

Showed no shame,

Corrupted human love?


Denied and justified,

Condemned and convicted,

Immediately cast aside;

Kept love restricted?


I can’t erase

Yesterday’s shameful disgrace;

Vow to embrace,

Return God’s grace.





The uncertainty of life is pondered in this collection of 65 poems about faith, hope, and love.

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Life grinds
Everything down;
Slowly unwinds,
Knocks around.

Wears, tears
Beyond repairs;
Corrodes, erodes,
Quietly explodes.

Shapes, creates
Gradually eliminates;
Refines, purifies
Finally glorifies.

Life grinds
Everything down;
Love rewinds,
Circles around.



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I won’t cry
When you die.
Won’t say goodbye,
Blink an eye.

I won’t comply
To another lie;
Quietly stand by,
Barely scrape by.

I won’t deny,
Or blindly defy,
A blood tie
Now rung dry.

I won’t try
To understand why;
Will not sigh,
Walk on by.

I will cry
For love awry;
Rise to fly
Beyond the sky.




I can’t remember
What came before;
There’s no ember
Left to restore.

Will time heal
And gradually erase
Or constantly reveal
A forever disgrace?

I can’t fix
What came before;
Undo the eclipse
Choose to ignore.

Escape from myself
Right the wrong;
Clear the shelf
Silence the gong.

I will outgrow
Fears buried inside;
Restore the glow
Too long denied.


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Should have ignored,
Scrolled on by;
Waved the sword,
Voiced my reply.

Tensions escalated, agitated,
Muddied the bleakness;
Flustered and aggravated,
I sensed weakness.

Rhetorical, regurgitated rhetoric,
Blatant corruption, lies
Sanctified what’s degenerate;
Helped me realize.

Resist the bait;
Turns clear hazy.
Divided we deteriorate;
Comments confirm crazy.



Smile, pretend.
Laugh, ignore.
Frown, defend.
Cry, restore.

Time won’t heal
Can’t gradually erase;
Will only conceal
A permanent disgrace.

Enough is enough
When everything’s gone;
No waking up,
No carrying on.

Smile, pretend.
Laugh, ignore.
Frown, defend.
Cry, restore.


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