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The Importance of YOU

A drop in the ocean
Won’t be missed;
One less commotion
In life’s midst.

A grain of sand
Alone in the breeze,
Blows through the land
Travels the seas.

A star in the sky
Falls without warning;
An ample supply
Doesn’t need mourning.

Each drop, grain, star
Alone, together plays a part;
Be who you are,
Follow your heart.

Your Gentle Heart




How can I forgive

What I daily relive;

Smile and pretend?

Pray to mend?

Sigh and shrug?

Sweep under the rug?

Stay in the closet?

Believe I caused it?


Will folks know

Or whisper low?

Will speaking up

Remove this cup

Or staying mum

Keep me numb?


I cannot run

From what’s done;

Erase or rewrite

Make wrong right.

I’m not to blame

For this shame.

All who moan

Are not alone.


I will restore

Each day more;

Stand tall,

Survive the fall;

Again soar,

Win my war.


Trust won’t betray

One fine day;

None will fear

Stranger or peer.

Finally, we’ll live;

No need to forgive

Or see

Another me.




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