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Video Poem

Click image to start. Enjoy.

Video Poem

Click image to start. Enjoy

C U B 4


digits, emojis, abcs

compose a code

an irregular ode

void of literacy


cursive, capitalization, punctuation

go old school

immediate mass communication

has no rule


how we connect

changes with time

words can’t reflect

your heart and mine


My Stomping Ground

Began life carried
Over my stomping ground,
Seeing the world
From my Mama’s arms.

Crawled then walked,
Cooed then talked;
Stood upright and sought
Fortune, fresh ground.

Bid goodbye, said hello;
Suffered want, enjoyed plenty.
Missed fame, found hope
Deep inside of me.

Ended life carried
Over my stomping ground,
Seeing Heaven’s Glory
From my Savior’s arms.


The Autobiography of my Life


My life’s unedited,

A symphony uncomposed;

Word without pages,

Chords missing notes.


Weak character development,

Rambling unresolved plots;

Predictable stagnant clichés,

Riddled with flaws.


Lip-synching silence,

Shrill mute cries;

A caterwauling harmony,

Tone-deaf rhymes.


A rough draft

Nobody must read,

An original masterpiece

Written by me.


——-John Northcutt Young

Easter 2013


Be still and know

The joy of love

It’s here and now

Not just above.


Rejoice in Earth’s rebirth!

from The Complete Poems of BREVITY











Snakes shed

To grow,

Leaving dead

For show.


We do

The same.

Discover new,

Lose shame.


Build upon,

Tear apart.

Hold on,

Have heart.

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