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Independence Day 2019

July 4, 2018










Freedom does

Not discriminate.

A Somewhat Book Review

I loved his first book, even pre-ordered before publication based on a description and a comparison to a favorite author.

Was not disappointed. Amazed at the dialogue and description. You could see the words come alive in your mind. Donated my copy to the local library because the book was that important and I wanted people to read it.

The book was a critical and commercial success. I was overjoyed for the writer. I’m sure the book will live on after he is gone.

When the second book came out, I read the description and decided to wait to buy and to read. Recently purchased and finished, nearly a year after publication.

I was disappointed because the story didn’t come alive for me like the first. The description that gave me chills was gone. There was also the publisher’s hype—the author’s name above the title, telling me how good was before I could make a decision (two things that make me cringe).

But it got me thinking—is it right to compare an author’s books to each other? A writer, like any artist, should have the freedom to grow. Are books like children in the order of appearance, the second one living in the shadows of the first? The publication date and the written date are usually two different times; only by reading do we know which is the more mature.

I’m not giving up on this author. I will continue to read his work and search for that shine.




Freedom is

Won within.

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