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People being people
Aren’t always kind.
Forget everyone’s equal;
That life’s intertwined.

People being people
Don’t always see.
Contribute to upheaval,
Live to disagree.

People being people
Can be self-righteous;
Shout the unspeakable,
Create a crisis.

People being people
May throw stones.
Mock, insult, cripple,
Ignore another’s moans.

People being people
Do rise above.
Continue the ripple
Born of love.

Untangling Lights

People not speaking
Over things forgot;
No use seeking
What God wrought.

Peace on Earth
Changes to chatter;
Money decides worth,
Dollar signs matter.

Yuletide greetings lie;
Kumbaya moments fade.
Nobody can justify
This Christmas charade.

Love can unite
Beyond all reason;
Spread its light
Throughout each season.




I may die today,
Tomorrow or next year.
No one can say,
Living involves fear.

I may go broke,
Be without a home.
Dreams up in smoke,
Doomed to forever roam.

I may be forgotten,
Lost in the background.
A promise turned rotten;
My fortune never found.

I may or may not,
No one knows tomorrow.
We only get one shot;
Live today with gusto!


Am I



Am I to hate
Because of religion, color of skin?
What’s so great
About trampling another to win?

Am I to doubt
Because of fear, what may be?
Ignore by selling out,
Refuse to see?

Do I retreat, retaliate,
Blame fate, shrug and grin?
Will I flow or stagnant,
Right wrong, embrace sin?

There’ll always be stumbles
Searching for the truth.
Love eases struggles;
Promises eternal youth.

The Importance of YOU

A drop in the ocean
Won’t be missed;
One less commotion
In life’s midst.

A grain of sand
Alone in the breeze,
Blows through the land
Travels the seas.

A star in the sky
Falls without warning;
An ample supply
Doesn’t need mourning.

Each drop, grain, star
Alone, together plays a part;
Be who you are,
Follow your heart.

Your Gentle Heart

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