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I want to remember
How we are together;
Public and solitary,
Unique and ordinary.

I want to recall
Moments large and small.
Dreams made true;
Fears fought through.

I want to hold
You in my soul.
Watch love unfold;
Never grow old.

My wants won’t die
With my final goodbye;
There’s no never
For hearts together.


Will time erase,
Condemn or embrace;
Wipe the slate,
Repeat or fabricate?

Do we ignore,
Destroy or restore;
Justify the mistake,
Mend or break?

Doubt, fear, confusion
Creates an illusion;
Corrodes the soul,
Leaves a hole.

We can’t foresee
What will be.
Love always survives;
Unites what divides.


Help me forgive
Before I’m forgiven;
Find strength within
Beyond my vision.

Help me love
Before I’m loved;
Give thanks above
When pushed, shoved.

Help me believe
Before I doubt;
Repent to receive,
End sorrow’s drought.

Help me live
Before I die;
Learn to forgive,
Let love multiply.


Seventy by seven
Isn’t enough time
For thanking Heaven,
Finding reason, rhyme.

Till kingdom come
Isn’t enough time
For nothing’s humdrum
In love’s paradigm.

Ten thousand years
Isn’t enough time
For our fears
Are now sublime.

Now and forever
Isn’t enough time
For death never
Ends love’s climb.


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People being people
Aren’t always kind.
Forget everyone’s equal;
That life’s intertwined.

People being people
Don’t always see.
Contribute to upheaval,
Live to disagree.

People being people
Can be self-righteous;
Shout the unspeakable,
Create a crisis.

People being people
May throw stones.
Mock, insult, cripple,
Ignore another’s moans.

People being people
Do rise above.
Continue the ripple
Born of love.

Untangling Lights

People not speaking
Over things forgot;
No use seeking
What God wrought.

Peace on Earth
Changes to chatter;
Money decides worth,
Dollar signs matter.

Yuletide greetings lie;
Kumbaya moments fade.
Nobody can justify
This Christmas charade.

Love can unite
Beyond all reason;
Spread its light
Throughout each season.

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