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Help me forgive
Before I’m forgiven;
Find strength within
Beyond my vision.

Help me love
Before I’m loved;
Give thanks above
When pushed, shoved.

Help me believe
Before I doubt;
Repent to receive,
End sorrow’s drought.

Help me live
Before I die;
Learn to forgive,
Let love multiply.


Seventy by seven
Isn’t enough time
For thanking Heaven,
Finding reason, rhyme.

Till kingdom come
Isn’t enough time
For nothing’s humdrum
In love’s paradigm.

Ten thousand years
Isn’t enough time
For our fears
Are now sublime.

Now and forever
Isn’t enough time
For death never
Ends love’s climb.


Weave magic.


Love works.




I may die today,
Tomorrow or next year.
No one can say,
Living involves fear.

I may go broke,
Be without a home.
Dreams up in smoke,
Doomed to forever roam.

I may be forgotten,
Lost in the background.
A promise turned rotten;
My fortune never found.

I may or may not,
No one knows tomorrow.
We only get one shot;
Live today with gusto!



Love the moment.


Spread joy.

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