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kindleinmemoryofcoverSociety has buried those branded outcast in unmarked graves, at cross-roads, and outside the cemetery fence. Crossbones Graveyard is a famous, or infamous, example.

IN MEMORY OF is my version of this cruel custom. It’s the story of an unmarked grave outside the cemetery fence closer to Mobile than Montgomery, wedged between woods and water, in a place nobody goes. According to folklore, Thomas John Sutton, 14, is buried under.

Thomas loves Esther, but she isn’t accepted in Canaan because of her bastard birth. After discovering the secret of his birth, Thomas fears he’ll be treated the same. It’s another example of two teenagers struggling against an unforgiving society.

In Memory Of  is an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal until May 18, 2017.


Life is mostly about dying anyway. We never grow accustom to the permanent shadow, no matter how often it falls. 

Sometimes it seems like all life is is sayings, one worn-out cliché after another.

Momma always said, ‘God takes care of fools and drunks.’ Guess we all have our soft spots.

“We’re all going to die of something someday anyway.”

Got to pretend to be nice. Dang this Southern blood! For once why can’t I be cold-blooded like Yankees or reptiles?

SECOND BLESSING is a 99 cents U.S. and UK Kindle Countdown Deal until April 30, 2017.

The Good Always Die Young

fbafineyoungmanTen-year-old Roy Brown hears this after his sixteen-year-old brother Billy, the Eagle’s star basketball player, is killed in a wreck before the annual rival game against the Tigers.

Alone in the kitchen before dawn the morning of Billy’s funeral, Roy remembers that day.

A FINE YOUNG MAN is a 99 cents Kindle Countdown Deal until July 19, 2016.

The Southern Condition

Triunity: Three NovelsTRIUNITYpaperback

A Kindle Countdown Deal until July 14, 2016

IN MEMORY OF: A grave outside the cemetery fence with no In Memory Of is a modern-day mystery.

A FINE YOUNG MAN: Waiting for the sunrise, ten-year-old Roy Brown relives the day his brother died in rural Alabama 1965.

ED WEAVER: Ten souvenir saucers trace a family’s life in rural Alabama during the 20th century.



Not everything

Has a

Happy ending.

Not everyone

You love

Loves you.

Not every

Dream will

Come true.


Yet we

Still love

And dream.

Because without

The risk

We lose.


paperbackcompletepoemscoverfrom The Complete Poems of BREVITY, an Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal (U.S. and UK) until May 31, 2016

Red Ink


SECOND BLESSING is available in paperback and Kindle, but the eBook’s advantage is red print. Mildred Stanford Hayes finds Francis Paul Day’s notepad in her purse after her Holy Communion chaos of choking on the Host. Decides it’s her sacred duty to read it, to save Damascus from this heathen.

Here’s an example:

Mildred picked up the notepad, as gently as patting out biscuits, which felt strangely heavy. Flipped open the cover, read:

Resurrection Journal of Francis Paul Day

Keep out

The large and sloppy printing looked worst than a backward child’s. He even wrote in red ink, how blasphemous and dramatic.

Heave-sighed. Flipped the page. Father, forgive me for the filth I’m about to see.

October 16, 1987: I am born again.

Snorted. Rolled her eyes. Wanted to throw-up. Humph! Pish and pshaw! Yeah and pigs fly. Glanced at the ceiling. Oh Lord, help me. Must I really read these lies? Waited a moment, but knew the answer without receiving a sign. Stared down at the page.

Brother Mike rescued me from my sorry life. I can finally admit that I was an alcoholic, drug addict, male whore. I sold my soul for less than nothing. Praise Jesus for dying on the cross and making me whole!

I wanted red ink in the paperback, but the product became costly. Thank goodness for technology!

SECOND BLESSING is a Kindle Countdown Deal until January 29, 2016. Free reading apps are available for your tablet, smart phone, or computer.

Two Novels


A Kindle Countdown Deal

July 8-15, 2015



Dearly Beloved: An over-the-top gay undertaker in the midst of a mid-life crisis looks for love.

Second Blessing: A mother is torn between religion and love for her son.

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