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The certainty of uncertainty
Leaves room for doubt.
Contributes to adversity;
Makes me shout.

The calamity of commotion
Wrecks peace of mind.
Ignites an explosion;
Kicks my behind.

The probability of error
Is beyond my control.
Increases the terror;
Irritates my soul.

The uncertainty of certainty
Challenges us each day.
Live life fearlessly;
You’ll be okay.


December 2018 Archive

Christmas Day 2018

My Memory Christmas Tree

Ornaments on my tree
Recall what use to be;
Moments, gone like snowflakes,
Forever frozen as keepsakes.

White doves, now grey,
Welcome the Lord’s Day;
Hearts saying “I do”
Once again look new.

Memories bought and made
On my tree never fade:
Pipe cleaner candy canes,
Button wreaths, paper chains.

Milestone markers, travel souvenirs
Bring both smiles and tears;
My patchworked memoir
Together under a tin foil star.

Memories always grow
Counting of blessings bestow;
Christmas continues evermore
At love’s eternal core.

Christmas Eve 2018

Continuously rejoice.


Glow forth.


Good friends warm the heart.

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