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The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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Sixty-five poems about faith, hope, and love.

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How many stones

Have I thrown today;

Or rattled bones

Scattered my way?


Praised then blamed,

The Maker above;

Showed no shame,

Corrupted human love?


Denied and justified,

Condemned and convicted,

Immediately cast aside;

Kept love restricted?


I can’t erase

Yesterday’s shameful disgrace;

Vow to embrace,

Return God’s grace.




Mildred doesn’t think she’s holier-than-thou; she knows it. Her Second Blessing confirms it. But after choking on Communion, she doubts. Will her faith crumble because of a family secret?

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In a place nobody goes, outside the cemetery fence, is a blank slab with no “In Memory Of.” Legend says it’s a symbol of unrequited love. Thomas loves Esther, but she isn’t accepted in Canaan because of her bastard birth. After discovering a family secret, Thomas fears he’ll be treated the same.

IN MEMORY OF is another example of two teenagers struggling against an unforgiving society in rural Alabama 1933.


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In Memory Of

Closer to Mobile than Montgomery, wedged between woods and water, is a place nobody goes. A few homes, a church and cemetery scattered along a road leading somewhere else. Parents hope opportunity. They remember before it was paved. Now broken white and yellow lines on gray stretch up, down, around, away. Maps show a thread, Highway 59, emerging into a rope, Interstate 65. Travelers blurring through at night or without reading the church sign don’t know they’re seeing what’s left of a town. Those that do think they see a peaceful solitary country community, an actual Gone with the Wind Grandma Moses’ Hallmark card where everyday life like nostalgia takes time.


The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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The Complete Poems of BREVITY


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Life is mostly about dying anyway. We never grow accustom to the permanent shadow, no matter how often it falls. 

Sometimes it seems like all life is is sayings, one worn-out cliché after another.

Momma always said, ‘God takes care of fools and drunks.’ Guess we all have our soft spots.

“We’re all going to die of something someday anyway.”

Got to pretend to be nice. Dang this Southern blood! For once why can’t I be cold-blooded like Yankees or reptiles?

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The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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Few find

Without seeking.

Hearts bind

Without speaking.


Words die

When spoken.

Love ties

The broken.


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