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Sixty-five poems about faith, hope, and love.

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How many stones

Have I thrown today;

Or rattled bones

Scattered my way?


Praised then blamed,

The Maker above;

Showed no shame,

Corrupted human love?


Denied and justified,

Condemned and convicted,

Immediately cast aside;

Kept love restricted?


I can’t erase

Yesterday’s shameful disgrace;

Vow to embrace,

Return God’s grace.




Life grinds
Everything down;
Slowly unwinds,
Knocks around.

Wears, tears
Beyond repairs;
Corrodes, erodes,
Quietly explodes.

Shapes, creates
Gradually eliminates;
Refines, purifies
Finally glorifies.

Life grinds
Everything down;
Love rewinds,
Circles around.



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I won’t cry
When you die.
Won’t say goodbye,
Blink an eye.

I won’t comply
To another lie;
Quietly stand by,
Barely scrape by.

I won’t deny,
Or blindly defy,
A blood tie
Now rung dry.

I won’t try
To understand why;
Will not sigh,
Walk on by.

I will cry
For love awry;
Rise to fly
Beyond the sky.




I can’t remember
What came before;
There’s no ember
Left to restore.

Will time heal
And gradually erase
Or constantly reveal
A forever disgrace?

I can’t fix
What came before;
Undo the eclipse
Choose to ignore.

Escape from myself
Right the wrong;
Clear the shelf
Silence the gong.

I will outgrow
Fears buried inside;
Restore the glow
Too long denied.


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My life’s unedited,
A symphony uncomposed;
Words without pages,
Chords missing notes.

Weak character development,
Rambling unresolved plots;
Predictable stagnant clichés,
Riddled with flaws.

Lip-syncing silence,
Shrill mute cries;
A caterwauling harmony,
Tone-deaf rhymes.

A rough draft
Nobody must read,
An original masterpiece
Written by me.


Pursue your pursuit of happiness,

Go for the difficult dream.

Escape a life of madness

Be your own winning team.


Conform to your own conformity,

Don’t settle for what’s before.

The heart has endless enormity,

Through giving we gain more.


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In Memory Of

Closer to Mobile than Montgomery, wedged between woods and water, is a place nobody goes. A few homes, a church and cemetery scattered along a road leading somewhere else. Parents hope opportunity. They remember before it was paved. Now broken white and yellow lines on gray stretch up, down, around, away. Maps show a thread, Highway 59, emerging into a rope, Interstate 65. Travelers blurring through at night or without reading the church sign don’t know they’re seeing what’s left of a town. Those that do think they see a peaceful solitary country community, an actual Gone with the Wind Grandma Moses’ Hallmark card where everyday life like nostalgia takes time.


The Complete Poems of BREVITY


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kindleinmemoryofcoverSociety has buried those branded outcast in unmarked graves, at cross-roads, and outside the cemetery fence. Crossbones Graveyard is a famous, or infamous, example.

IN MEMORY OF is my version of this cruel custom. It’s the story of an unmarked grave outside the cemetery fence closer to Mobile than Montgomery, wedged between woods and water, in a place nobody goes. According to folklore, Thomas John Sutton, 14, is buried under.

Thomas loves Esther, but she isn’t accepted in Canaan because of her bastard birth. After discovering the secret of his birth, Thomas fears he’ll be treated the same. It’s another example of two teenagers struggling against an unforgiving society.

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