I’m stronger than you know
‘Cause I’ve learned to bend;
And though my burdens show
I refuse to let them win.

I’ve learned from everyday struggles
Fighting is often letting go;
Worrying only adds to troubles
There’s strength in saying no.

Look inside before above;
Don’t be bullied by peers.
Live your own love;
Don’t surrender to fears.

Question what came before;
Listen before you speak.
Give more than owe;
Turn the other cheek.

Smile more than frown;
Share what you own.
Don’t let sorrows drown;
Laugh more than moan.

Keep your feet on the ground;
Be grateful for your time;
When kicked down, rebound;
The view is worth the climb.



My Books

I feel your touch

When I’m alone;

Life’s never too much

On our own.

I see your smile

Inside my heart;

No matter the mile

We’re not apart.

I hear your voice

Wherever I roam,

And I rejoice

Knowing I’m home.

                            from The Complete Poems of Brevity  

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