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I feel your touch

When I’m alone;

Life’s never too much

On our own.

I see your smile

Inside my heart;

No matter the mile

We’re not apart.

I hear your voice

Wherever I roam,

And I rejoice

Knowing I’m home.

                            from The Complete Poems of Brevity  

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Let us pretend

Life doesn’t end.

There’s no war,

No keeping score.


No one grows old,

Hungry or cold;

There’s always enough

When life’s rough.


No one knows

Pain or woes,

People aren’t shun

Seen as one.


Life isn’t perfect

We can’t neglect

Work to reshape,

Not to escape.


from The Complete Poems of BREVITY, a 99 cents Kindle Countdown Deal until May 24, 2018





A moment of silence
Isn’t enough,
Neither is lowering
The Flag.

Candlelight vigils
Quickly burn out;
Deaths pile up
In vain.

The battle won’t
Be won,
Until we lay
Down guns.

The world is
The community.
Peace comes living
As one.

——————-John Northcutt Young (First posted on June 15, 2016 after a school shooting.)

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